Westermo announce time saving network tool

WeConfig a Network Configuration Management Tool

WeConfig is a Network Configuration Management (NCM) tool that simplifies both the initial installation of a network and the ongoing maintenance once commissioned. This simplification is of high value to both commissioning engineers as well as network maintenance engineers as networks continue to expand.

This tool has been developed to provide a simple method of network configuration of single or multiple Westermo devices. Once installed on a PC the software scans the network for devices. Once the scan is complete a list of devices as well as a mini topology map is displayed. Now basic configuration information like IP addresses can be quickly assigned and further configuration easily facilitated by accessing device web or CLI configuration windows.

Once devices are configured and the network commissioned a backup of all the device configuration files can be easily made and stored. In the event that a switch or router needs to be replaced in service a rapid download of the saved configuration file results in a fast network repair. If a firmware upgrade is available for the network devices then a system-wide upgrade can be managed by WeConfig.

Once operational the network topology can be viewed in WeConfig and edited to more clearly show the interconnection of resilient network structures. Device properties can be easily read and additional equipment added rapidly and professionally.

WeConfig is available free of charge for use on all Westermo Network products featuring the WeOS operating system as well as a number of other network devices.

WeConfig Download page

Westermo Conference demonstrates next step in edge network solutions

The conference was held at Stadshotellet in Eskilstuna, which is actually the same hotel where the first conference was held in 1988.

Between the 11th and 13th of June Westermo held an important conference in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The overall theme was "Delivering Edge Network Solutions" and over 130 people form Westermo’s sales channels around the globe participated. Representatives from over 30 countries were present making it the largest such event Westermo has organized.

The Westermo Conference is a bi-annual event that has been held since 1988. This year's conference was hugely successful with the focus on the company’s move towards delivering edge network solutions. Exciting new products were launched and a factory tour in Westermo's own production facilities was organised to display the latest improvements to one of Europe's most modern production sites.

“I am very happy with how the conference tuned out and I hope that all participants gained an insight into the rapid development of the company. Westermo is a market leader for mission critical infrastructure networks, and I believe we managed to show how we can become even stronger through our focus on delivering edge network solutions,” says Alan Bollard, sales and marketing manager at Westermo.

Westermo has focused strongly on quality and now has production processes that impress industry leading companies.

Lars-Ola Lundqvist, CEO of Westermo presents the award for Best Distributor to Jan Grove-Knutsen and Arne Ritari of Last Mile Communications, Norway.

Westermo distributor Piero Bersanini at SPS IPC Drives Italy

Westermo's distributor for Italy, Piero Bersanini S.p.A., participated in this year's SPS IPC Drives Italia Parma, an exhibition and conference for electric automation, systems and components. The event,  which took place 20th - 22nd May,  received 22,000 visitors and hosted 600 exhibitors. Sergio Bersanini, President and Owner, Piero Bersanini S.p.A,  commented: "The event represents a very important platform to share our message effectively with our customers".

For any further information please contact Nuri Shakeer, Sales Director, Westermo AB

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