Graduates join Westermo international trainee programme

Westermo internship attracts top talent and provides opportunity for trainees to develop and experience different roles within company

Three university graduates have begun a year-long internship at Westermo as part of its ambitious new international trainee programme, which aims to advance the skillset of participants and attract talented people to the company.

Elena Bersanini, Manne Hellsing and Khawar Naeem are the first trainees taking part in the programme. During their internship they will experience a number of different roles within various departments at Westermo’s facilities in Sweden and some of its other international offices. This will provide them with a valuable insight into how the company operates.

Elena Bersanini is from Milan, Italy, and has an MSc degree in international business administration and management. She has previously worked in India and the UK, and was most recently a marketing manager in her home country. Manne Hellsing hails from Strömsholm in Sweden and recently finished a master’s degree in engineering at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna. Khawar Naeem, from Islamabad, Pakistan, has a master’s degree in telecommunication engineering and has worked in Pakistan, Sweden and Oman.

“The twelve-month international trainee programme is a mix of theory and practice,” said Anne-Li Hallblad, HR manager at Westermo. “During the year they will perform a number of jobs, and receive training and guidance to help them develop. After they have completed the training programme, a suitable position will be found for them within the Westermo organisation.”

Westermo provides reliable, resilient and secure industrial networking technology for critical applications around the world. The internship will show the trainees how the company develops, produces and markets this technology. As part of their learning process, the trainees will take courses in sales presentation techniques, product education, project management and leadership, among other subjects. Each trainee is assigned a mentor, who will act as their support and sounding board throughout the programme.

Westermo hopes that the programme will enable trainees to advance at an accelerated pace, with the goal of them becoming suitable for leading positions, therefore bolstering an already strong workforce.

“We will encourage the trainees to step out of their comfort zone and try new things in new areas,” Hallblad said. “The idea is for the trainees to be challenged and stretched, and for them to grow.”

The first three trainees on the programme have high hopes that it will put them on the path to a fulfilling and enjoyable career with Westermo. Manne Hellsing said: “I think the trainee programme will be interesting, challenging, and a huge opportunity for me to develop professionally. I hope that it will be the start of a successful, long-term collaboration.”

“We are delighted with the quality of the three initial trainees, but we are always looking for additional candidates who enjoy new challenges, and who are good at taking on board information, analysing problems and coming up with solutions,” Hallblad said. “We’re looking for people with effective communication skills and the drive, confidence and resilience to get things done.”

Anyone wishing to apply to join Westermo’s international trainee programme is welcome to email the company at

Security Advisory: WEOS-15-06 Default factory web interface certificate

Security Advisory: WEOS-15-06 Default factory web interface certificate

WeOS products running WeOS versions 4.2.0 and newer share a common self-signed certificate and private key from factory. An attacker can extract the private key from our WeOS firmware and masquerade as a WeOS device. If successful, the attacker may be able to obtain credentials from an end-user that enter their credentials in the belief it is a valid WeOS device they are accessing. To be successful, the attacker must be able to access and inject themselves in the the network path between the end-user and the legitimate WeOS device.

Westermo provides self-signed certificates from factory to minimize the risk of compromise in the time between shipping and commissioning, but we strongly recommend our WeOS users to replace the default certificate and private key with ones they trust, typically coming from their own corporate certificate authority. The ability to replace the web interface certificate and private key exists as a tech preview (undocumented and with limited user interface support) since WeOS version 4.15.2.

WeOS users that utilize the web interface for management of the device should ensure that:

  • they've upgraded to the latest version of WeOS, which is 4.18.0
    at the time of writing, and
  • they've replaced the default password with a strong unique one
    in compliance with corporate security policy, and
  • Insecure management services like ipconfig, telnet and http are
    disabled for all interfaces, and
  • https, ssh and snmp services are only exposed to the most
    secure interfaces (typically those facing higher security zones), and
  • the default web interface certificate is replaced following the procedure
    described in the security advisory linked below

Download Security Advisory

Westermo Ethernet line extenders enhance network security and support larger bandwidth applications

Robust, reliable and easy to set up Wolverine devices deliver secure, resilient networking for mission-critical operation in extreme environments

Westermo has released two additions to its range of Wolverine advanced industrial Ethernet line extenders. These rugged, reliable and compact devices are used to establish long-distance, high-speed remote connections between simple or complex Ethernet networks using existing copper cables, thereby reducing installation time and cost. The DDW-242 and DDW-242-485 include a range of features that deliver secure and resilient networking, even in extreme industrial environments, which makes them suitable for mission-critical applications.

The line extenders enable Ethernet networks to be connected over distances of up to 15km, at data rates up to 15.3 Mbit/s on a single twisted pair cable. Using two pairs bonded, the rate can be doubled to support applications requiring larger bandwidths. An integral switch allows two Ethernet devices to be attached, and a choice of either 232 or 485 serial port enables legacy equipment to be incorporated into the IP network.

To help improve cyber security the DDW-242 and DDW-242-485 include full layer 3 functionality and unique IP security provided by the Westermo WeOS operating system. The devices include a built-in port-based firewall securing data between trusted and un-trusted networks; NAT rules - a way to make systems that are configured with private IP addresses appear to have public IP addresses; and VPN tunnels for encrypting data on the ‘last mile’ section of the network, which is particularly susceptible to security risk.

The WeOS operating system also provides advanced switching and routing functionality that enables the management of complex industrial networks. With no software configuration needed for basic installation the DDW-242 and DDW-242-485 are extremely easy to set up. A web interface and command line interface support configuration of large and complex networks. Should maintenance be required, a back-up and restore facility enables configurations to be quickly downloaded from a USB stick.

To enable installation in harsh industrial environments and rail trackside applications the devices offer  a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees C, and have been tested to meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), isolation, vibration and shock standards.

In the event of link or hardware failure, Westermo’s unique FRNT (Fast Recovery of Network Topology) technology enables network reconfiguration, whilst an extensive diagnostics function allows the quality of the line and the connection status to be analysed.

Ethernet Extender with RS-232 serial support
DDW-242 product page

Ethernet Extender with RS-485 serial support
DDW-242-485 product page

WeOS firmware upgrade including several new features


Westermo has released version 4.18.0 of the WeOS software. The new version contains a number of new features as well as error corrections.
Some of the highlights are, Domain Forwarding, DHCP Server additions and SNMP remapping of ifIndex.

New features

WeOS has in version 4.18.0 been extended with the following new features:

  • Domain Forwarding – possible to configure rules for when to use local name server and when to forward to default name server
  • DHCP server additions – allows more centralized management
    • DHCP option 12 – configure host name in the DHCP server
    • Override more settings for specific hosts
    • Multiple match rules in DCHP server
    • Preemption of DHCP leases – reduce configuration time when replacing units
    • Remapping of ifIndex in SNMP – adds possibility to remap the start index of the ifIndex table when queried from SNMP
    • Enable and disable LLDP per port – harden the switch by disabling unused protocols
    • Bandwidth usage per port – statistics is available (Web UI, CLI and SNMP) for the bandwidth usage (inbound and outbound traffic) per port.

See the WeOS 4.18.0 Release Notes (available at the download page) for detailed information about the new features and corrected errors.

How to get the new version

WeOS units manufactured after the release of WeOS 4.18.0 will have the latest version installed.

The new version of the WeOS firmware is also available for download from the Westermo website. Version 4.18.0 is verified to support all active WeOS products, i.e products presented on the website at the time of release.

Read more about WeOS and download the new version here: WeOS

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