WeOS 4.21.0 is released

Westermo is happy to announce the release of WeOS 4.21.0. The new version contains new features that add on to the already extensive set of features in WeOS as well as support for new hardware products. New hardware products are announced separately. As a part of the continuous quality improvement process Westermo has identified and corrected a number of issues.

New features

WeOS has in version 4.21.0 been extended with the following new features. See the Release Notes (available at the download page) for detailed information about corrected errors.

  • Centralised user authentication with TACACS+ server – can be used for login and SSL-VPN
  • Chained authentication – allows more flexibility when using a combination of centralised and local authentication
  • Unique web server certificate – every switch automatically generates a unique web server certificate (used for https) at start-up

How to get the new version

WeOS units manufactured after the release of WeOS 4.21.0 will have the latest version installed.

The new version of the WeOS firmware is also available for download from the Westermo website. Version 4.21.0 is verified to support all active WeOS products, i.e. products presented on the website at the time of release.

Read more about WeOS and download the new version here

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