Westermo networking technology helps ensure efficient running of railways in Croatia

Westermo has many years’ experience of successfully providing data communication technologies in mission-critical railway applications and was chosen to support a major railway project in Croatia by supplying robust and reliable trackside devices.

The project involved implementing a SCADA remote control system to connect railway stations, sectioning facilities and substations on the Moravice-Rijeka-Šapjane, and Škrljevo-Bakar lines in the far north-west of the country with the Remote Control Centre in Rijeka. The remote control system collects data on critical communications such as signalling, alarms, control orders and the state of the IT system, therefore extremely reliable data communications networking technology is required.

“We are talking about Westermo switches working 24/7, for 365 days a year, in a redundant ring topology without any problems whatsoever,” says Dejan Fabris, systems engineer at Končar-KET.

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