Westermo introduces E – mark on Viper 408 and SDW-550

Products with Ethernet interfaces are becoming more and more common onboard and inside road vehicles; in passenger information systems, CCTV and video recorders, E- ticketing systems and driver control panels. Products used onboard and inside vehicles classed as “highway” or “on the road” requires E- mark, according to the Automotive Directive 95/54/EC.

E – mark indicates that both Viper 408 and SDW-550 are certified to meet the requirements of traffic safety and environmental protection according to the EU directives. Viper 408 and SDW-550 are therefore certified for use on the European automotive market.


To the Viper-408 product page

Open Viper-408 Certificate


To the SDW-550 product page

Open to SDW-550 Certificate

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