Industrial 3G routers developed for critical infrastructure systems

Westermo is proud to release two new industrial mobile broadband routers with improved features in its successful MRD-series

The Westermo MRD-315 and MRD-355 are robust 3G routers designed to provide resilient high-speed remote access across mobile networks. These two industrial mobile broadband routers have new improved features and are designed to replace the old MRD-310 and MRD-350. New features like a dedicated GPS antenna port, faster downlink transfer rate, improved CPU and a next generation 3G module characterizes the new arrivals.

The new MRD-315 and MRD-355 provide a very high level of connectivity, and support many mobile standards including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA allowing uplink transfer rates of up to 21.0 Mbit/s. Together with the compact and robust enclosure, DIN-rail mounting, a wide operating temperature specification between -40°C to +70°C, and an operating voltage range spanning from 10 VDC to 60 VDC, they are designed for industrial applications in harsh environments.

Both MRD-315 and MRD-355 provide a built-in two port 10/100 Ethernet switch and an RS-232 D-Sub, which easily allows any type of devices to seamlessly connect over a vast geographical distance. This means that anyone working with these industrial applications no longer needs to be present at the site instead these applications can now be managed, controlled and updated from across the globe. MRD-315 and MRD-355 reduce costs by eliminating the need for time consuming site visits as they provide safe and robust remote access. In today´s society cyber threats are a reality and the need for secure data communication is constantly growing. MRD-315 and MRD-355 both provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionalities. VPNs create secure tunnels over insecure networks, such as the Internet. The MRD-315 and MRD-355 also features a powerful packet inspection firewall that together with the VPN assures secure networks suitable for today’s connected society.

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2 port PoE Injector for automation solutions

Robust and compact device contributes to easier maintenance and reduced costs

Westermo is pleased to announce a new 2 port Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector. The PII-2G is an advanced, high-end PoE injector, combining high performance with industrial robustness. The Power over Ethernet concept is growing fast, because of the significant benefits in installation cost, reliability, compactness and flexibility when the power cabling is made unnecessary by PoE. The PII-2G can provide benefits in both a network upgrade and an initial installation.

The PII-2G features dual injection ports with gigabit capability. It is compliant with both IEEE 802.3af (max 15.4 W) and 802.3at (max 30 W), allowing high-power devices such as PTZ cameras and wireless access points to be handled.

With a compact and robust design, no moving parts and an operating temperature range from -40°C to + 70°C the PII-2G is designed for operation in harsh environments. The unit provides an easy and fast installation in industrial applications. No configuration of the device is needed; all that is required is a suitable power supply and available PoE functionality on the network. In the long term the PII-2G will contribute to easier maintenance and reduced costs.

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Robust network configuration management and monitoring – Made Easy

Latest version of WeConfig released to Westermo WeOS users free of charge.

Westermo is continuing in its ambition to provide industrial network solutions that are easy to use. The latest step is within WeConfig Westermo’s Network Configuration Management software used to enhance the usability of the WeOS family of industrial routers, switches and Ethernet line extenders. WeConfig was first launched in June 2014 to simplify initial configuration, backup and firmware upgrades to Westermo devices. This release of version 1.1 adds a number of important benefits for network engineers.

A major step for WeConfig is that it can now be used as a simple monitoring and diagnostics tool in addition to is configuration capabilities. Westermo has comprehensive network resilience technology including FRNT, RSTP, OPSF, LACP, RIP and VRRP within WeOS which ensure a network can remain fully functional even in the event of media failure. To achieve resilience WeOS devices automatically reconfigure themselves so the processes running on the network are unaffected. What this means however is that the user may be unware that a failure has occurred. WeConfig can now graphically display a failed link is as well as record the time of the event.

Additionally to an SNMP trap logging function statistical data stored in WeOS devices can now also be easily displayed on screen to assist with any resulting problem diagnosis. Information including port link status, data-rate, bytes, errors, broadcast, multicast and unicast counters are displayed in a simple tabular format.

Project files have also been introduced meaning that an engineer can maintain a number of different networks and store all the associated backup files and topology information. These files can be used to allow a fast and easy replacement and reconfiguration of a damaged switch in the field.  A new device can be installed in the network and will automatically be discovered by WeConfig. The configuration file of the old unit can simply be restored from the project file and the network is repaired.

Another helpful tool to assist the network engineer is a scheduler to remind him to take a periodic backup of configuration files. This way the engineer can be confident he has a reliable and ready set of recovery data in the event of a network failure.

The Westermo WeOS family now contains over 70 different units including the recently launched Redfox and RFIR rack switch solution, the Lynx field switches and serial device servers, Wolverine Ethernet line extenders, Viper EN50155 approved switches and Falcon broadband router. Westermo provide robust, reliable and resilient edge network solutions – Made Easy.

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Westermo leads the way for mission critical industrial networking

Reliable, resilient and robust mission critical network solutions are the foundation of modern industrial automation systems. Today, everything from critical business systems to transportation solutions are controlled and monitored through networks.  Westermo is a market leader for solutions at the edge of these mission critical networks.

From 25th to 27 th of November the world’s leading companies within the industrial automation industry gathered at the SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. SPS IPC Drives is a key event in the industrial automation market. This year the event attracted 1600 exhibitors and 56000 visitors from all over the world. New products, innovations and trends within industrial automation technology were in focus.

During the exhibition Westermo promoted the Edge Networks Solutions concept and released several products developed for the edge of mission critical networks. Every second of the day vital data is collected at the edge of networks and transferred to the core of companies’ business systems. Decisions made at the core can then be communicated back to the edge of the network to control business assets. Environmental conditions are harsh at the network edge, making reliable, resilient and robust solutions vital.

Westermo´s presence at SPS IPC Drives and the introduction of the Edge Networks Solutions concept is a part of an ambitious three year growth plan, as a result of a 175 million investment announced earlier this year. With products and solutions developed for the edge of mission critical networks, Westermo is leading the way within the international industrial networking market.

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