Westermo M2M 3G Gateway/ Router provides cost effective solution for connecting remote machines and systems

Westermo has expanded its range of industrial M2M 3G Gateways/Routers with the introduction of the MRD-305-DIN. This new cost effective device provides access to remotely located machines, SCADA systems, PLCs and HMIs using a wide variety of communication methods, eliminating the need for time-consuming site visits and providing a network infrastructure suitable for today’s `always-on’ society.

The MRD-305-DIN is suitable for a broad range of M2M applications ranging from securely connecting simple devices to each other or a server via a virtual private network, to simply providing a gateway to the internet for more intelligent systems. The MRD-305-DIN is designed for remote access across mobile networks, supporting many mobile standards including GSM, GPRS, 3G, EDGE, HSDPA and HSUPA, and compatible with any type of SIM card, such as static IP SIM, M2M SIM, or an off-the-shelf SIM. The MRD-305-DIN features a powerful connection manager that automatically, and without user-interaction, reconnects to the carrier network to ensure a constant connection to any remote asset.

As with all Westermo solutions, this compact device is suitable for demanding industrial applications that require reliable and resilient data communications. The device has a power input range of between 10 and 36 VDC and an operating temperature range of -40C to 70C. A built-in two-port Ethernet switch meets the majority of typical applications such as connecting a PLC and accompanying HMI, and enables easy integration.

The unit offers network protection from malicious eavesdroppers via encrypted communication tunnels (VPN), and features a simple, yet powerful, packet inspection firewall to prevent unauthorised access. Configuring the unit is very easy with the built-in web-interface. The device can also provide both management and monitoring via SMS. For example an SMS could be sent to start a VPN.

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Westermo awarded network equipment order for Washington DC Metro trains

Toshiba International Corporation has awarded Westermo a $4.2 M order for the supply of communication network equipment. The Ethernet based train switches from Westermo will be used to build the communication infrastructure on the new fleet of Series 7000 Rail Cars for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

This order follows on from the similar sized order for WMATA that was awarded to Westermo in 2012. Deliveries for the new order will commence in the second half of 2016. It covers the supply of network equipment for a total of 384 additional rail cars. Toshiba delivers drive and control systems to Kawasaki, who then assembles the rail cars for WMATA.

Westermo is a world leader in network equipment for railway rolling stock. The company has enjoyed spectacular success in the North American railway market, entering there in 2010. The decision to award the order is based on the industry leading quality of the products and the experience that Toshiba and Kawasaki have of Westermo as an industrial communications technology partner.

Westermo CEO, Lars-Ola Lundkvist states that: “The order confirms that we are on track with the Westermo growth investment plan announced in September 2014. The plan covers the investment of 175 MSEK to further strengthen our market offer and our capacity to be a valuable partner for global engineering technology companies.”

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