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Ulrika, Graphical Designer

Ulrika Svensson has been a Graphical Designer at Westermo since 2003. Previously she worked for Ericsson having studied Information Design at Mälardalens University in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Today, Ulrika uses her extensive graphical design experience to help Westermo communicate with its customers around the world.

Tell us about your work as a graphical designer at Westermo

During my time at Westermo I have created and continuously developed the company’s graphical profile. The graphical profile sets the rules for how we use images, colours, design and fonts to convey the spirit of Westermo. The graphical profile is very important as it presents the Westermo brand and the company values and forms the basis of all our communications.

Can you describe the work when developing the graphical profile?
It is incredibly important to portray the company’s spirit through graphical design, and you must have the courage to go your own way. Before I started working on the Westermo graphical profile I looked at other industrial companies and found that most had quite a dark and hard graphical profile. But Westermo is not like other industrial companies, and so the complete opposite started to take shape. I wanted to bring out a very bright, soft, fresh and clean feeling within our own graphical profile, as that is how we want the world to see our company.

What challenges do you face in your work as a graphical designer?
A large part of my work is supporting our exhibition participation. I usually begin with a blank page and the challenge is to create a concept that represents and expresses the Westermo spirit. The concept can incorporate everything from adverts, flyers and exhibition stand interior, to a complete exhibition stand. Of course the biggest challenge is to convey information about our products and solutions in a single design. In a busy exhibition hall we only have a couple of seconds to make a first impression, so it is important that our stand represents clearly who we are and what we stand for. To achieve this I use images, colours, fonts and design to transfer complicated technical information into something that is easy to understand, for everyone.

Please share one of your favourite moments at Westermo with us!
I have designed several Westermo exhibition stands over the last few years, but one of my favourites has been the Nordic Rail exhibition stand this year. With four metre high walls and 50m2 of total space it was quite a challenge. The stand conveyed our expertise in networking solutions for trains and trackside applications. We used the space in a good way and made it a very welcoming booth, which encouraged people to come and talk to our engineers. It was the perfect environment for our salesmen and engineers, who could really use the stand to communicate with our customers. And that is what my job is all about, communicating the Westermo brand and expertise in a way that creates interest in our company and its solutions.

Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation learns from Westermo

Photo: Westermo’s Jonathan Larsson demonstrates the Ethernet switch testing process to Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation

As Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg is responsible for supporting exports. That is the reason why he visited Westermo, a Swedish technology company that has had great success exporting its products. During his visit the Minister was able to learn how Westermo has successfully exported its technology and the strategies used to successfully break into new markets.

"It is fantastic to see a small family business grow and become successful in a global market,” remarked Damberg. "It requires new and special skills to succeed as Westermo has done. There is a great amount of expertise and knowledge here within this company, and they have used it successfully to take the step out into the world."

Westermo designs and manufactures Ethernet routers, switches and other data communications equipment for industrial applications, specifically for installation within in environments with tough operating conditions. Westermo is a unique technology company, with all product development and production taking place in Sweden, but the majority of products being exported. The company has grown from a small entrepreneurial family run business into a global leader within the industrial data communications market.  

Westermo's CEO Lars-Ola Lundkvist highlighted to the Minister the importance of Westermo’s corporate culture, participation and community as the guiding principles on its journey to become an international company.

Westermo focuses on product quality and continuously improves its development and production process. During his visit, the Minister was able to see the world-class technology production first-hand. Westermo production manager Kari Parkkila explained to the Minister the importance of cooperation between R&D and production departments and the strength of producing technology in Sweden.

Lundkvist presented Damberg with an Ethernet switch and a message to his colleague, Anna Johansson, the Minister of Infrastructure, that there is domestically produced technology that can make a big difference to Sweden and Swedish infrastructure.

Westermo at the largest rail event in the Nordics

Westermo had a successful exhibition at Nordic Rail 2015 in Jönköping, Sweden, October 6 to 8. Many people from the train and trackside industry came to the stand to learn about the latest news in industrial networking solutions. A special interest was shown in Westermo’s network configuration software WeConfig and how this free of charge tool can be used to simplify overview, control and maintenance of a network.

For more information on the event and to see what Westermo was able to demonstrate at the event please watch this short video.


WeOS 4.17.1 is released

Westermo has released a version 4.17.1 of the WeOS software. The new version contains support for new products as well as error corrections.

In addition to the already supported products, support for the following new products is added in WeOS 4.17.1:

• RFIR-127-F4G-T7G-AC
• RFIR-127-F4G-T7G-DC
• RFI-111-F4G-T7G
• RFI-119-F4G-T7G

See the WeOS 4.17.1 Release Notes (available at the download page) for detailed information about corrected errors and supported hardware.

WeOS units manufactured after the release of WeOS 4.17.1 will have the latest version installed.

The new version of the WeOS firmware is also available for download from the Westermo website. Version 4.17.1 is verified to support all active WeOS products, i.e products presented on the website at the time of release.

Read more about WeOS and download the new version here.

Westermo simplifies configuration of complex industrial networks

Configuration of complex resilient Ethernet networks now easier using enhanced software and layer-2 switches

Westermo, a specialist in robust industrial data communications, has launched a range of new Ethernet switches and supporting software aimed at solving demanding networking problems. Configuring complex resilient Ethernet networks has now become easier with the release of an enhanced range of layer-2 switches and the latest version of Westermo’s WeConfig software.

Four new layer-2 high-performance managed Ethernet switches have been added to the Westermo RedFox range. Designed for use in harsh environments and demanding Edge Network applications, the switches are supported by industry-leading MTBF, a wide operating temperature range and type testing for both industrial and rail trackside use.

The devices offer a range of port options including 11 gigabit ports. The two RedFox industrial switches, suitable for installation in extreme environments, feature 11 and 19 port options. Two new rack mountable versions of the RedFox switch, suitable for control room or cabinet installation, feature 27 ports and are available in AC and DC power variants.

Allied to this, Westermo has released version 1.3 of its state-of-the-art WeConfig software, a Network Configuration Management tool that simplifies the configuration of complex resilient networks that typically may feature multiple rings, gigabit links and numerous devices.

To achieve this WeConfig 1.3 features new wizards for quick and easy user-friendly configuration with global parameter settings. WeConfig analyses port and path for best possible implementation of single or multiple rings, simple fast ring recovery and ring coupling. Alarm and event functionality displays both in a structured way.

WeConfig 1.3 not only helps to save significant time in the initial configuration of complex networks, but also offers rapid fault analysis when diagnosing network failures. This provides an easier way to improve overall network resilience.


Read more about WeConfig and download here

Read more about the RedFox range here

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