Industrial ADSL Router for Remote Access Solutions

Westermo is proud to announce the new ADSL-350 router developed to fit the need for a true industrial ADSL remote access solution. The concept of using ADSL to provide communications to unmanned remote sites is not new however it has become clear that the solution must meet tough industrial standards.

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When ADSL is used as the remote connection, by a utility company for instance, to monitor a pumping station there is the local environment to consider with potentially intermittent power supplies and wider than normal temperature specifications. The other less considered point is that these sites often exist at the range limits of ADSL technology hence the ADSL-350 has been tested on lines greater than six kilometres to ensure reliable solutions.

Often ADSL is used as an upgrade to old modem technology. ADSL can provide a great speed boost from maybe 9600 bit/sec to 24Mbit/sec.  Often however there is a need for some of the old connected equipment to stay in service so an integral serial port is a handy addition to the product.  The ADSL-350 can form part of an effective leased line replacement program where old style fixed link services are being withdrawn by telecoms providers.

The unit is designed to allow the cost effective use of the internet for connectivity. The Internet does however pose a security risk and so the built in firewall and VPN tunnels allow for an effective secure solution.

The unit has been designed to be compact and easy to mount on a 35mm DIN rail. With all the connections and indicators on the front of the unit as well it makes installation a simple task.

For a truly resilient system the ADSL-350 can be paired with an MRD-350 3G router to provide a solution that is resistant to both media and equipment failure. Being separate units they can be located in separate network locations meaning that an event causing failure to one device is much less likely to affect the other.

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