Westermo opened the factory for the region's automation companies

Westermo has hosted an event called Automation Expo together with Automation Region, an initiative aiming to strengthen the Swedish automation industry. The event was held at the Westermo factory in Stora Sundby and attracted 19 exhibitors and 90 guests from the automation industry.

Westermo headquarters is located in a region that is known for its extensive knowledge within industry and automation. Automation Expo is an event arranged by Automation Region, where big regional players get together to discuss automation solutions.

As a member of Automation Region, Westermo was proud to host the Automation Expo. On the 12th of February Westermo opened up the doors to the factory. 90 visitors came to see the 19 companies that were exhibiting in the Westermo factory.

Lars-Ola Lundkvist, CEO of Westermo, talked about Westermo’s industrial heritage and the industrial data communications solutions that are offered today. During the event visitors were invited to join factory tours. Several tours took place and responses were very positive.

The Automation Expo was a successful and appreciated event where knowledge was exchanged and new insights gained.

WeOS Security Update

A new security vulnerability has recently been highlighted called GHOST. This particular Linux security issue CVE-2015-0235 is not perceived by the industry to be as severe a problem as Heartbleed or Shellshock.  Despite this Westermo sees network security as a top priority for critical infrastructure solutions and therefore has released a new version of WeOS (4.16.0) to provide protection for this issue.

WeOS releases 4.12.x – 4.15.x are affected by this vulnerability and organisations who are using any of these versions should upgrade to WeOS 4.16.0 to eliminate any risk caused by GHOST.

If a version upgrade is not immediately practical then users of the affected versions can implement the following workarounds to resolve the issue in their installation:

  • SSL tunnel: this function was introduced in WeOS 4.14.0. The security issue with this function can be eliminated by deactivating the SSL tunnel functionality.
  • IPsec tunnel: the security issue is eliminated through use of PSK or by disabling IPSec.

Westermo is a market leader in the design and manufacture of robust industrial networking equipment designed for use in critical infrastructure applications. This equipment is powered by WeOS which is under constant, in house, development allowing our R&D team to dynamically resolve any security risks as they may arise.

Go to the WeOS download page

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