Westermo launches 19” Industrial Routing Switches

High performance and configurable industrial devices designed for demanding Edge Network applications

Westermo is proud to announce the release of four new 19” industrial routing switches designed for high network traffic applications.

The RedFox Industrial Rack (RFIR) is a new generation of industrial routing switches, allowing a step forward in networking performance at the edge of industrial mission critical networks. At the network edge the density of equipment has increased as well as the needs such as enhanced security and network resilience hence the requirement for a new generation of industrial switches.

The RFIR is a high performance layer 3 industrial Ethernet switch designed for high network traffic applications. Four new switch configurations are available that can be further customised with SFP transceivers. The RFIR range runs efficiently on AC or DC power and has either 19 or 27 ports, including 11 gigabit ports. The design is robust and compact which makes it easy to mount into a 19” cabinet and therefore the RFIR range is perfectly suited for use both in control rooms as well as by the trackside, roadside or substation.

The RFIR has a MTBF of 297 000 hours and ensures a long service life. The design is developed for use in heavy duty industrial applications and has been tested by both Westermo and external test houses to meet the many EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards, all to the highest levels suitable for heavy industrial environments and rail trackside application.

The RedFox Industrial Rack range is powered by the Westermo WeOS network operating system which is now delivered in 70 different models in the Westermo range. WeOS has been developed by Westermo to allow us to offer cross platform and future proof solutions. WeOS can deliver unique IP security functionality for this class of product, for instance a multiport DMZ can be constructed by utilising the firewall function available in every port. Remote secure access to a network can be provided using encrypted VPNs.

As a Layer 3 routing switch the RFIR is capable of delivering enterprise type routing functionality with OSPF, RIP and VRRP as well as process level ring recovery times of around 20ms even at speeds of 1 gbit/sec utilising Westermo’s FRNT protocol.

It has a wide power range of 16 to 60 VDC/120-370 VDC on dual power inputs for resilience and requires 30% less power than the previous generation of Westermo products, a significant benefit for lifetime running costs. A wide operating temperature range –40 to +70°C (–40 to +158°F) can be achieved with no moving parts or cooling holes in the case.

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Westermo Ethernet switches helps restore signalling power to minimise train delays and disruption

Westermo Lynx 110-F2 Managed Ethernet Switch is the product of choice for Schneider Electric Automatic Supply Restoration systems

Westermo is supplying 60 Lynx 110-F2 Managed Ethernet Switches to Schneider Electric for use as critical components in its Automatic Supply Restoration (ASR) systems. The ASRs are being installed as part of a major project to upgrade to the signalling on the Great Western main line between Newbury and Reading in Berkshire, UK, a distance of about 17 miles.

Application advice and technical support was provided by Westermo to help with the selection and configuration of the switches for this challenging deployment. Following an evaluation of several switch products, Schneider Electric chose the Westermo Lynx switch because it is compact and has a low power consumption. These factors are critical for equipment installed in trackside cabinets where space is at a premium and devices have to be temporarily powered locally when the main supply is lost. In addition, the Lynx range has Network Rail acceptance and also meets the requirements of EN50121-4 for railway trackside use.

All equipment used in the automatic power recovery system and supporting communications network must be of the highest quality and be extremely robust and reliable. Westermo switches use the best quality components and are designed to achieve the highest Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) figures in the industry. This is especially important for trackside locations where maintenance is both difficult and costly. In addition, they are constructed to resist the toughest operating conditions including wide temperature variations and exposure to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).

The automatic supply restoration system detects a loss of power, and informs operators and maintenance teams so that power will be restored to signalling equipment, reducing delays, outages and minimising impact on customers. Installed at the trackside, the system isolates a circuit fault and then restores power automatically by reconfiguring the supply from the principal supply points, reducing a power interruption to less than thirty seconds.

Westermo Lynx switches are a critical component in the Schneider Electric ASR, reliably sending local power supply status data from their trackside location to the Network Rail ‘Cloud’ via a combination of fibre optic and copper cabling. Communications redundancy is provided by a fibre ring between the trackside cabinets. If there is a fault, alarms are generated and the ring automatically reconfigures to transmit the data to the Network Rail control room using Westermo’s unique FRNT technology. FRNT technology is the fastest protocol on the market for re-configuring large networks in the event of a link or hardware failure. During the power outages, power for the Westermo switch is supplied form a local functional supply point until mains power is restored.

Schneider has successfully used Westermo switches on a number of projects requiring trackside ASR systems - demonstrating their performance and reliability. As a result, Schneider has now made the Lynx 110-F2 the standard switch for its Automatic Supply Restoration system.

Westermo provides a full range of data communication solutions for mission critical infrastructure networks and is an approved supplier to Schneider Electric as part of its Collaborative Automation Partner Programme (CAPP). Authorised CAPP products include modems, routers, extenders and converters.

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