Swedish Minister for Infrastructure meets Westermo

Pia Nilsson (S), Member of Parliament, Erik Danielsson, VP Global Industries Westermo, Anna Johansson, Minister for Infrastructure, Lars-Ola Lundkvist, CEO Westermo

Swedish Minister for Infrastructure Anna Johansson got the opportunity to meet Westermo during a visit to Västerås earlier in March. Westermo CEO Lars-Ola Lundkvist and Erik Danielsson, VP Global Industries presented the company and experiences from Swedish as well as international rail and infrastructure projects.

”We have gathered vast knowledge about the rail industry by working with companies and agencies such as Trafikverket, Jernbaneverket, Network Rail and SNCF. We are familiar with the challenges in infrastructure projects and we are happy to share our experiences”, said Lars-Ola Lundkvist.

Anna Johansson had the opportunity to ask questions and the meeting resulted in a fruitful discussion between the minister and Westermo.

Westermo is a member of the Association of railway companies, Järnvägsklustret, who hosted the meeting.

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Westermo Gigabit switches and media convertor support growing need for higher bandwidth networks

Reliable, ease to use industrial Ethernet devices suitable for heavy industrial, maritime and trackside applications

Westermo has launched three new Ethernet devices that support the growing need for higher bandwidth networks with industrial applications. Two new Gigabit switches and a media convertor offer outstanding reliability, robustness and ease of installation, making them suitable for heavy industrial, maritime and rail trackside data communication networks.

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The MCW-211-F1G-T1G is an unmanaged industrial Ethernet media convertor with one SFP fibre port and one copper port that enables the connection of legacy serial devices to new Gigabit Ethernet networks. The SDW-541-F1G-T4G and SDW-550-T5G are unmanaged Ethernet switches that offer a choice of five copper or one fibre and four copper ports. The units support 100 Mbit/s or Gbit Ethernet, with the SDW-550-T5G also supporting 10 Mbit/s communications. Using Westermo’s range of pluggable 100Mbit or Gbit SFP transceivers, different types of fibre can be easily converted and distances of up to 120km can be achieved.

The three devices are designed for demanding applications that require high levels of reliability. All three units feature tri-galvanic isolation, a unique solution that provides isolation between the ports, the shield connection and the power supply. This helps to avoid ground loop currents and increases reliability. By using only industrial grade components the units are robust and provide a long service life. The SDW-541-F1G-T4G has a mean-time-between-failure of over 1.1 million hours.

“There is a growing desire for higher bandwidth industrial networks that are extremely reliable,” said Bo Jansson, Westermo product manager. “To support this Westermo has launched three Gigabit devices that are designed to be extremely reliable and offer extended service life, even when operating in the toughest environments. The products are also very simple to commission and operate.”

To simplify installation the devices are compatible with all standard industrial Ethernet protocols. For legacy Ethernet equipment unable to support auto-negotiation, a DIP switch can lock data rate and flow control. Network diagnostics is simplified using the port mirroring functionality of the switches. This allows data flow through the switch to be monitored using a network analyser, enabling engineers to use it for fault diagnosis.

The units all meet the highest EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards, and are certified for rail trackside and maritime applications. Their IP21 rating ensures that the units can be installed in locations where condensed water may occur. A power input range of between 10 and 57 VDC and an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +74 C enable the units to support a broad range of applications, even in extreme environments.

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Westermo configuration tool makes cyber security easy for large industrial networks

Latest version of WeConfig provides enhanced cyber security functionality; enables quick and reliable network configuration, commissioning and maintenance

Westermo has released the latest version of its WeConfig network configuration management tool, which allows users to save significant time and costs when configuring large and complex industrial data communication networks. WeConfig 1.4 not only enables the configuration of these networks to be implemented quickly and reliably, it also features enhanced functionality to bolster cyber security.

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WeConfig simplifies the initial installation and configuration of single or multiple Westermo devices, plus ongoing maintenance through the life of the network, improving network management efficiency. Once devices are configured and the network commissioned, a back-up of all the device configuration files can be easily made and stored. In the event that a switch or router needs to be replaced in service, the saved configuration can be easily downloaded to the new unit, resulting in a faster network repair, helping to save time for maintenance engineers.

The new version of WeConfig enables users to configure and maintain cyber security features on devices delivered by the Westermo Operating System (WeOS). Powerful spoofing protection features such as MAC address filters and the configuration of IEEE802.1x port access authentication can be easily deployed and maintained. This helps to prevent unauthorised access to the network. It is also possible to scan and then harden the security features of switches with factory default passwords or which use unsecure protocols. It is possible for the default password of all switches across a network to be changed simultaneously and also for unused ports to be disabled, further securing the network from unauthorised intrusion.

“WeConfig 1.4 is available to users of WeOS devices and is a really powerful tool supporting more efficient network configuration and increased cyber security functionality,” said Bo Jansson, Westermo Product Manager. “Critically it makes industrial cyber security easier, helping to provide peace of mind for our customers, but it also delivers huge savings in terms of network configuration, commissioning and maintenance time.”

For increased network security WeConfig has a configuration baseline feature which creates alerts in an alarm window if changes have been made to network settings. When firmware upgrades are made available to address potential device security vulnerabilities, WeConfig 1.4 makes it easy to manage a system-wide implementation.

WeConfig also features comprehensive diagnostics to aid troubleshooting should network problems arise. Network failures can be visualised and diagnostic information displayed at the click of a button to enable rapid and effective maintenance.

Go to WeConfig download page

Jenny Sjödahl becomes new sales manager at Westermo

Jenny Sjödahl becomes sales manager at Westermo. The role involves responsibility for all Westermo sales offices around the world. She comes from ABB Control Technologies, where she was responsible for automation products globally. Prior to that, she was Local  Business Unit Manager for Sweden and northern Europe. Jenny has held several other senior positions within ABB.

Westermo is in an ambitious growth plan since 2015 and the company has increased sales by 17% over the last year. The growth plan includes a strong focus on increased sales, primarily in "Edge Network Solutions", which includes robust Ethernet switches and routers.

"I am very pleased to have been chosen to lead the global Westermo sales organisation.  Westermo is an exciting company with high growth ambitions that is investing to expand further. I look forward to being part of the Westermo culture and to work with the whole Westermo team," says Jenny, who will start her new job in August.

"A key success factor for Westermo is that we have built up a strong local presence in the markets where we operate. We make data communications solutions for industrial and infrastructure systems. These systems reliability is often crucial to our client's business. Jenny has extensive expertise in this type of systems from her time at ABB. She also has extensive experience in leading system product business internationally and will be able to contribute valuable knowledge to our organization and our customers," says Lars-Ola Lundkvist, CEO of Westermo.

Westermo has offices with local sales and technical support in Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Australia and the USA.

Jenny Sjödahl will start at Westermo in August, 2016.

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