Ethernet Line Extender provides high-speed network connections over existing cabling

Easy-to-use, compact device for mission critical railway, industrial and utility applications

Westermo has enhanced its’ series of Ethernet line extenders with the release of a high-speed, compact device that is capable of meeting the increasing data transfer demands within industrial applications. The DDW-142 is the latest addition to the Wolverine range, which uses SHDSL technology to establish a high-speed connection between Ethernet networks using any existing copper cables. This can enable considerable cost savings to be made when installing new systems where in the past the only option would have been fibre.

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The DDW-142 is a fully managed device with Layer 2 switch functionality that enables effective Ethernet networks to be created over distances of up to 15 km. Data rates of up to 30.4 Mbits/s are possible, making the device suitable for connecting complex networks that may include a large number of devices requiring high bandwidth. An integral 2-port 100 Mbit switch allows two Ethernet devices to be attached and a RS-232 port enables legacy devices to be easily incorporated into the IP network.

To support engineers that are installing and maintaining ever increasingly complex networks, the DDW-142 has been designed to be extremely easy to set up, requiring no configuration for simple point-to-point communications. For larger networks, a web interface is provided and a CLI allows even more complex configuration. The Wolverine range is also supplied with a unique cable distance calculator. This uses data from real world applications to enable installers to calculate the speed and achievable distances using different types of cable. Once installed, SHDSL diagnostics and management functions enable indication of line degradation allowing planned maintenance. Should maintenance be required, a back-up and restore facility enables configurations to be quickly downloaded from a USB stick.

The DDW-142 is designed for use in tough environments and mission critical railway, road or utility applications where device failure could result in significant costs. The rugged and very compact unit can operate in extreme temperatures (-40 to +70°C) and where EMC and vibration levels are high. Total galvanic isolation and transient protection of the electronics contribute to a MTBF of 437,000 hours, ensuring high operational reliability and a long service life.

The Wolverine’s WeOS operating system provides an extensive suite of IP networking standards allowing resilient and flexible networks to be created. Developed to allow cross platform and future proof solutions, WeOS delivers a unique level of security and enables the DDW-142 to form part of a point-to-point, multi-drop or resilient ring network. In the event of any link or hardware failure, Westermo’s unique FRNT technology is able to re-configure a large network.

The DDW-142 is transparent for multicast addressing, allows VPN (Virtual Private Network) pass-through for IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) and can be used with protocols like Modbus/TCP and PROFINET I/O. The DDW-142 also features a Link Fault Forward (LFF) functionality whereby the Ethernet link status is sent over the SHDSL link between two units.

Washington DC Metro trains to be equipped with Westermo Ethernet switches

Westermo Industrial Communications has just signed a contract worth in excess of $4M USD for the supply of Ethernet train and vehicle switches for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Series 7000 Rail Car Project. In addition to upgrading the existing fleet of Rail Cars, the new 7000 series cars will be used on the new Dulles Airport Metro Line.

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The train communication and management system will be supplied by Toshiba, who has chosen Westermo as the supplier of data communications equipment. The order includes a variety of products from Westermo’s extremely robust Rail approved On Board product family, including the Viper-212 Standard and POE Vehicle Switch, the Red Fox Rail (RFR-12-FB) Train Backbone Switch and the M12 USB backup device, to equip 364 new train cars with an on-board network.

In addition to the 364 cars, there is potential for more orders as part of WMATA’s ongoing program to upgrade the Washington DC metro. Production deliveries to this project are expected to commence in 2013.

Quality and Experience are critical for delivery of solutions into the rolling stock environment where reliability and long service life are vital. Westermo’s lengthy and in depth experience as a supplier of On Board Communication Products to some of the world’s most demanding Rail Car manufacturers, Public Transport Authorities, System Integrators and Railroads was a key decision criterion. Extensive quality audits of Westermo’s production, R&D and support facilities were carried out which clearly confirmed Westermo’s unequalled abilities to fulfil the expectations of this market.

Another significant reason for the selection of Westermo as supplier on this project was the unique IP train concept. The Westermo IP train concept delivers a complete Ethernet switch and routing solution providing a robust network infrastructure for the creation of intelligent trains. All products are designed and manufactured to not only meet but exceed the EN50155 standard and to ensure extended service life and ultra-reliable operation.

To find out more about the Westermo IP train concept visit us at the Innotrans exhibition in Berlin, September 18-21.

Westermo switches provide reliable Power-over-Ethernet networks for on-board railway applications

EN 50155 approved managed Power-over-Ethernet switches provide highly reliable communications networks

To meet the growing demand for communication networks on-board railway rolling stock, Westermo has introduced two compact and rugged Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches that support video, LCDs and wireless LAN access points. The new devices further enhance Westermo’s innovative IP Train concept, which delivers a complete Ethernet switch and routing solution to provide a robust network infrastructure for the creation of intelligent trains.

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The Viper-112-P8 and Viper-212-P8 twelve-port (8 PoE and 4 standard Ethernet) managed switches, support the IEEE 802.3at `plug-and-play' PoE communications standard. PoE enables both power and data to be transmitted on a single multi-core cable, reducing overall wiring and enabling faster installation. The Viper switches deliver up to 66W of power across their 8 PoE ports. The Viper isolates the input DC voltage from the connected devices to protect them from power surges. Power distribution is managed with ports `tuned’ to maximise distribution efficiency.

Specifically designed to meet the full requirements of the on-board rail vehicle market, the Viper switches deliver improved levels of reliability and simplified network design, installation and maintenance. On-board rolling stock applications present one of the toughest environments for any electronic device. The Viper series is designed and manufactured to exceed the EN 50155 on-board railway standard for electronic equipment, which encompasses not only EMC requirements, but also shock, vibration, extended temperature range and humidity. The switches have also been designed to achieve the highest mean time between failures of up to 448 000 hours (MIL-C217F2), ensuring the extremely long-term and reliable field operation that is expected within the railway industry.

The Viper switches’ WeOS operating system provides an extensive suite of IP networking standards allowing resilient and flexible networks to be created. The operating system is able to detect any rail car position changes, rotations and additions, and then compensate for such changes in the network without any manual reconfiguration. To ease installation and maintenance, Viper switches and any connecting devices can be configured with identical IP addresses in each carriage. This simplifies the overall IP plan and standardises configurations.

The Viper-212-P8 switch offers additional routing capability to enable the connection of subnets and improved overall network performance. The WeOS operating system is also able to balance data traffic on the network to maintain maximum throughput and stability. The introduction of increased traffic from new cameras or video stream will therefore not affect the stability of the entire network. In the event of any link or hardware failure Westermo’s unique FRNT technology is able to re-configure a large network in 20ms.

The Viper incorporates M12 connectors integrated into the housing to reduce size and further protect against vibration. With an ultra-robust design, sealed to IP65 and vibration resistant to military standards, these units are ideal for situations where mechanical stress, moisture, condensation, dirt or continuous vibrations (such as those produced by an engine) could adversely affect the function of standard switches. A unique Gore-Tex® membrane is used to prevent condensation build up from normal climatic day/night cycling. The Viper is also very compact and ultra-thin, enabling installation within the confined spaces of railcar panels.

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Awards for outstanding performance to Westermo distributors

The Westermo sales and distributor conference ended on Saturday, June 2nd 2012 with an award ceremony where four distributors were recognized for outstanding performance in the following categories: Best Newcomer, Best Project, Best Growth and Best Distributor.

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Award of recognition for Best Distributor – Modelec, Westermo distribution partner in The Netherlands. From left to right, Nuri Shakeer, Key Account Manager Westermo, Enrico ten Klooster  of Modelec, Lars-Ola Lundkvist, CEO Westermo.


Award of recognition for Best Newcomer - Easyworld Technology, Westermo distribution partner in Iran, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. From left to right, Anders Felling, VP sales Westermo, Mohammad Salehian, Mohsen Nejadi and Mohammad Amin Khalifezadeh of Easyworld, Lars-Ola Lundkvist, CEO Westermo, Nuri Shakeer, Key Account Manager Westermo.


Award of recognition for Best Project – Atys-Co, Westermo distribution partner in Hungary and Romania. From left to right, Anders Felling, VP sales Westermo, Carl de Bruin, Key Account Manager Westermo, Radu Baldea and Attilla Kiss of Atys-Co, Lars-Ola Lundkvist, CEO Westermo.



Award of recognition for Best Growth – Tekniska, Westermo distribution partner in Poland. From left to right, Anders Felling, VP sales Westermo, Carl de Bruin, Key Account Manager Westermo, Darius Figiel and Zuzanna Wieczorek of Tekniska, Lars-Ola Lundkvist, CEO Westermo.


Westermo Sales and Distribution conference in Sweden

Between May 31:st and June 2:nd 2012, Westermo hosted the bi-annual Sales and Distributor conference at the headquarters in Sweden.  100 guests from around the world got to see new products releases and take part in training and workshops on the topic “Robust Network Solutions by Westermo”.

One of the big news on this year's conference was the addition to the popular Wolverine series. The Wolverine DDW-142 allows effective Ethernet networks to be created over long distances (up to 15 km (9.3 mi) at data rates up to 15.3 Mbit/s on a single twisted pair cable. By using two pairs “bonded” this rate can be doubled up to 30.4 Mbit/s. The integral switch allows 2 Ethernet devices to be attached and an RS-232 port allows for a legacy piece of equipment to be incorporated into the IP network. [more about DDW-142], [more about Extending Ethernet]

Other product launches that were announced during the conference are part of Westermo's unique concept for creation of intelligent trains - The Westermo IP train. Two new switches with power over Ethernet capability have been added to the Viper series and a new train switch with fault bypass feature has been added to RedFox series. [more about Viper-series], [more about RedFox rail], [more about Westermo IP train]

In addition to new products release, a new version of Westermo’s operating system WeOS was also launched. New for this release is enhanced routing functionality and additional security features for all WeOS-powered products from Westermo. [more about WeOS]

Westermo also presented an expanded concept for robust networking for the oil and gas industry including a range of products compliant with the ATEX and IECEx directives.

All participants were shown around the factory that has recently undergone upgrades which makes it one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. Westermo has developed its production unit using TPS (Toyota Production System) and lean production methods. [view production video]

The 2012 conference was very significant both in terms of number of participants and new releases and Westermo successfully delivered a highly informative workshop entitled “Robust Network Solutions” to its world-wide distribution network.

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